Since the founding of our company, we have been developing innovative solutions for a wide range of chronic and life threatening health conditions that continue to revolutionise healthcare. We continue to be committed to developing medicines and diagnostics that improve people’s lives, delivering rapid, broad and sustainable patient access to our solutions and ultimately transforming healthcare to benefit society and people.


At Roche, we focus on areas of significant unmet medical need and areas were we have the expertise to make a difference. We translate scientific excellence into ground-breaking medicines that save and improve patients’ lives. We focus on oncology, immunology, infectious disease and neuroscience amongst others.

We not only provide innovative medicines to the people who need them; we also develop programs to support patients, healthcare professionals and family networks. Our innovative pharmaceutical products and services are at the forefront of medical advancement and continue to deliver significant health benefits to those in need.

Roche is proud to be Ireland's leading provider of therapies for cancer and the number one supplier of hospital medicines in Ireland. Our reputation for quality and innovation drives us to continuously improve our medicines and embrace challenges as we drive forward in our positive contribution to the care of people in Ireland

We aim to develop new and improved therapies and diagnostics tests and services that offer significant benefits over existing options.

It’s that simple: better and more accurate information leads to better health. Our pioneering diagnostic products are designed to empower patients to monitor their own chronic conditions easily and accurately, thus improving their quality of life. Equally, our professional diagnostic portfolio helps healthcare professionals to detect, monitor and manage medical conditions more effectively. And the key to successful treatment and recovery is often fast, accurate diagnosis.

Above all we are dedicated to positively transforming the way people manage their treatment and recovery.


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